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FMCG industry

    ·Liquors (e.g. beers, wines)
    ·Beverage (e.g. soft drinks & fruit juice, coffee and tea etc.)
    ·Packaged food (e.g. sausage, cheeses, biscuits, chocolates and milk, yogurt,
      ice-cream etc.)
    ·Fast food (e.g. western fast food, microwave heated food etc.)
    ·Cooking dressings (e.g. soy source, chicken powder etc.)
    ·Household electronic (e.g. air conditioning, refrigerator, TV, walkman etc.)
    ·Household products (e.g. detergent, tissues etc.)
    ·Personal health care (e.g. toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, shampoo, hair
      conditioner, facials cares etc.)
    ·Furniture, home furnishings and home decorations

IT/Telecom industry

Terminal products
    ·Cellular phone
    ·Pager, Two-way radio , iDEN
Operation services
    ·Mobile chatting
    ·Mobile conference
    ·Retailing services
    ·Desk PC
    ·CMOS chip
    ·Online database services

Retailing Store Industry

    ·Fast food restaurant chains
    ·Coffee/ice-cream chains
    ·Convenience store chains
    ·Furniture/home furnishing stores
    ·Hostelling chains
    ·Department stores
    ·Boutique chains
    ·Bank office chains

Auto industry

    ·Auto decoration
    ·Parts and accessories
    ·Distribution channel industry

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