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What marketing strategies & tactics
support you to achieve Sustainable Competitive Advantages (SCA)
What research services support you to get implicated the actionable strategies and tactics
    ·Market entry strategies
    ·Market development and growth
    ·Competitive strategies
    ·Product development strategies
    ·Pricing strategies
    ·Distribution channel strategies
    ·Branding strategies
    ·Integrated communication
    ·Ad. & promotion strategies
    ·Customer relationship
      management (CRM) strategies
    ·Market potential and feasibility study
    ·Market profiles, trend and snapshots
    ·Market segmentation study
    ·Targeting and positioning study
    ·Distribution channel study
    ·Product prototype & concept test
    ·Package & flavor(e.g.food/beverage)
    ·Pricing study
    ·Brand equity study
    ·Brand tracking study
    ·Ad. & communication effectiveness
    ·Ad. pre-copy & story board test
    ·Promotion performance study
    ·U & A study
    ·Customer satisfaction study
    ·Mystery shopper tracking study
    ·Competitive intelligence
    ·Space management in-store study
    ·Point-of-purchase behavior study

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