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Most of Paravision staff members are those who come from international research firms, overseas returnees
and local research agencies. Paravision provides clients a full resource with nation wide capabilities in the field
of market research in China.
We have most experienced research analysts and consultants based in qualitative, quantitative study work with 15 highly qualified project managers and researchers. 2 of them are members of ESOMAR, and 2 of them are members of AMA.
Paravision field force comprises 800 cities in China, and very professional.
    ·Most of employees are educated above bachelor's
    ·2 MBA degrees, 1 Master's degree in Marketing,
      1 Master's degree in Statistics and 1 Master's degree
      in Intelligence;
    ·Of Master degrees, 2 are overseas returnees
    ·Most of employees have rich experience in the field of market research and
    ·Over half employees are those market research experts
      and consultants who have over 5 years working
    ·Most of employees are in the prime of their life aged from
      25 to 40 years old;
    ·Almost half of Master degree holders have overseas and
       local experience.
    ·We have the most excellent moderators in China;
    ·Have operated 600 FGDs in the field of FMCG, Telecom, Auto and OTC;
    ·In-depth, sensitive, focus analysis;
    ·Familiarity with a wide range of techniques and how/when to apply them;
    ·Kindness with firmness, permissiveness, flexibility;
    ·Strong capability of excavating the findings through brainstorming
Quantitative analysts
    ·We have the most excellent quantitative analysts in China
    ·Each of them has operated 80 projects at least in the field of FMCG, Telecom,
      Auto and OTC
    ·Logical, data sensitive, high statistic skills;
    ·Have expertise in analytical models through professional statistics software
    ·Strong capability of identifying the findings through data
    ·Rich experience above 10 years in the field of market research and strategic
    ·Strong communication skills with fluent Mandarin and English;
    ·In-depth understanding of research and consulting objectives and clients

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