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What research method is appropriate for you?
Paravision qualitative research

    ·Focus group facilities:
      -Studios with one-way mirror
      -Audio and video taping (as standard)
      -Simultaneous translation

    ·Our Recruiters
      -Paravision trained
      -3-tier screening
      -Wide network under supervisor of field controller
      -100% of work checked and verified

Paravision business to business research

    ·Application of methodologies:
      -In-house interview enterprises on-site
      -Expert interview
      -Secondary data study

    ·Sample framework
      -Updated database system
      -Numerous industries coverage

 Paravision retail research
Critical marketing problems Practical retail research problems
    ·Sales revenue is going down, market share is
        decreasing — What is the problem, marketing
        strategies or sales performance?
    ·What are the competitors doing?
    ·Is there any effect on the money spent on the
       shelf of retailing
    ·To determine competitors’ and your SKU sales
        performance in terms of distribution status,
        category status (routine display,special display),
        pricing(addition rate,promotional price)etc.
    ·To determine competitors’ and your SKU
        promotion performance in terms of promotion
        frequency,methods and promoter performance
Paravision mystery shopping tracking study
Critical management problems for your outlet chains Real information collected by mystery shopping tracking study
    ·How to make your customers receive a
        consistent quality experience in every shop,
        every day, on every occasion
    ·Do all your outlet chains manage based on your
        standardization system?
    ·How to make evaluation for all your outlet chains
        daily performance?
    ·To determine daily performance for each of your
        outlet chains in terms of shopping
        environment,shop equipment, shop
        waiter/waitress, products and services etc.

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